Plant Styling Service

Have you ever wanted to add beautiful living plants and planters to your home but are unsure where to start, what to select, and what will work well in your home?

At Villa Botanique, we make it easy to style your home with beautiful living plants and planters. We are happy to work with individual clients or interior stylists to select the best plants and vessels for your home. We will visit your home and discuss the plants that will suit you living space and lifestyle. Then we will deliver and install the plants in your home. 

Healthy living plants in the textured woven baskets or interesting planters will create ambience and add a finishing touch to your home, raising it to a new level. Living plants also have health benefits, removing harmful toxins and chemicals from the air. 

Contact us to find out more details and arrange a home visit.


Favourite Plants

Have a look at some of our favourite plants to use when styling a home. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Did you know that the common name "fiddle leaf"fig was derived from the violin or fiddle shape of the leaf? The large glossy green leavs of this plant catch the light and give it a huge presence in a room. It brings a sense of harmony with the outdoor garden. 

Bird of Paradise, Zanzibar gem, Madonna Lilys and Snake Plants

All of these plants offer interesting colour, texture and shape, and are a great way to make use of vertical space in a room. Snake plants (also known as mother-in-law's tongue) and Zanzibar Gem are particularly tolerant of low light conditions and add life to dark corners of a room.

Phalenopsis Orchids

A bowl of Phalenopsis Orchids on a dining table, console, or coffee table, draws the eye and creates instant interest and warmth. An orchid arrangement has a sculptured form and brings flowers and foilage into your home. Orchids are low maintenance and generally last 2-3 months. They are fabulous to use when selling your home of for busy people who want long tasting flowers. They are also great for families who suffer from allergies to the perfume and pollen from many cut flowers. 

Small Plants

Using smaller trailing plants on bookshelves and mantels is another way to introduce plants into your home and to soften harsh horizontal lines. Rhipsalis, Devils Ivy and Chain of Hearts are great examples of plants that can be used as feature plants on shelves.