About Us

Villa Botanique grew from a passion for all things botanical and a desire to encourage people to use plants as decorative features in their homes and outdoor entertaining spaces. 

Frustrated by the cost and the limited life of cut flowers, after completing a short flower arranging course, Kim began to design with living plants. The only problem was that the mass produced pots in garden centres were dull and boring and detracted from the individual character of the plants. So began an interesting adventure of hunting and foraging for interesting pots and unique and quirky pieces that could be adapted and used as planters; items that would add individuality and an element of curiosity and charm to everyday living spaces. 

Villa Botanique began in a small way in 2014, with the encouragement of family and friends, in particular Lisa Cribb at Grosgrain Homewares, Wahroonga, who provided wise counsel and offered to sell designs in her store.

Today our designs can still be found at Grosgrain Homwares Wahroonga or via Instagram. Villa Botanique often attends local markets in the Sydney Region. We are also happy to make bespoke designs for your individual needs (Simply ring or e-mail us to discuss). 

Villa Botanique has recently added a Plant Styling arm to the business. Whether you're styling your home for sale or just wanting to add some finishing touches, we have a vast array of plants and planters for sale or hire.

We are also happy to source plants and planters for your individual needs.

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your how we can add beautiful plants to make your house a home.